Acute Treatment of Emergency and Uncomplicated Disease Conditions

Acute and Emergency prescribing is sometimes considered one of the highest forms of homeopathic prescribing because of its rapid and safe action, and its ability to prevent possible complications later on. Many people become firm believers in homeopathy after seeing its wonderful healing potential in action in situations where pain and symptoms are relieved quickly and effectively

Course Material for Online Foundation Homeopathy Course

This introductory seminar is for almost complete beginners. It should be of special interest to parents and patients currently under homeopathic treatment. It would also be of interest to MD’s interested in expanding their therapeutic possibilities.

The aim of the seminar is to introduce you to the basic principles of complementary medicine and homeopathy and how to use it yourself in mainly first aid and family prescribing. This will involve an explanation of the fundamental principles that underlie health and how to maintain it.

Material will include:
  • brief history of homeopathy, basic principles of complementary medicine, how medicines are prepared, homeopathic fundamentals, definition of health , how to maintain health in general, obstacles to cure and health, first aid and acute treatments such as cuts and bruises, burns, black eyes, falls, sprains and strains, colic, travel sickness, influenza, gastroenteritis, basic grasp of safe do-it-yourself prescribing procedures, concept of recurring, or chronic illness, a few homeopathic constitutional types
  • The course is accompanied by an e-book with specific prescribing guidelines and prescribing flow charts. This text will be provided by Dr. Holdijk as it is included in the course fees.

This course is taken completely online.

Technical Requirements
In order to be able to benefit from the course you will not need to have any special knowledge of software or install anything on your computer. You just need a web browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. The video will be streamed from the VIMEO website. However, you will need the following:
- an ADSL broadband connection of at least 1 Mb in speed

Course Details
Time: Total course time is 24 hours divided up into 6 x 4 hour modules.
Fee: $ 50.- module. Initial payment must be $ 150 for the first three modules, additional modules are optional.

If you are in Egypt and wish to pay in cash you may send the money in a sealed envelope with your name on it, the amount of money, and "Online Homeopathy Course" on the cover.  Please send the money to our houseboat. The houseboat is located at 52 Sharia el Nil, about 100 meters after Midan Kit Kat when you are coming from Agouza, on the Nile Side.  It is the bottom left apartment.

Bank Transfer:
Please transfer the required amount to the following bank:
Credit Suisse AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Name: Lammert Holdijk
IBAN CH27 0483 5057 2786 9200 2
And inform me that you have made the payment so I can check it has arrived.

Once you have made payment, I will be immediately informed and I will give you a password to access the Webinar.

Once you have made your payment, you will receive an email on the exact website address (URL)  and the password which will allow you access to the course. 

The course will allow you to see and hear the lecturer as well as the powerpoint slides that are being lectured on.  You will also receive a practical ebook with the course.

If you are interested in finding out more about homeopathy or your teacher, please visit my website at  
You can also contact me:
Egypt mobile: +20101793803
Lebanon mobile: +96170018063
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