Homeopathic Resource Sites


  • Simillibus - collection of resources, articles and links for the professional as well as the homecare-oriented.
  • Homeopathy Home - homeopathic resources including Hahnemann's Aphorisms and a directory of practicing homeopaths and training colleges in the US and UK. Also offers free email at homeopathyhome.net.
  • Homeopathic Resources for Animals & Humans - collection of best links to homeopathic websites & databases for animals and humans compiled by Phil Rogers MRCVS, Lucan, Dublin, Ireland.
  • National Center for Homeopathy - U.S. website of this organization which is dedicated to promoting health through homeopathy by providing education to professionals and public alike.
  • Homeopathy 4 Everyone - homeopathic medicines, books, resources, information contributed by homeopaths & health community.
  • Homeopathic Links - useful links from the website of the MacRepertory homeopathic software.
  • Homeopathic Educational Services - comprehensive set of links on homeopathy, run by Dana Ullman
  • Dr. Lockie's Resources Page - links to useful complementary medicine websites.
  • Kingdoms, Elements, Families, etc. - some useful material for more experienced homeopaths on the latest in the Sensation approach.




International Outreach Programs
  • HOG e.V. - Homöopathen ohne Grenzen: Unsere Projekte - German homeopathy website by German Homeopaths Without Borders
  • Solidarite Homeopathie (French site) - many international projects for homeopathic and alternative medicine
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