Flu & Noravirus Dec 08

The Genus Epidemicus in homeopathy is the composite picture taken from a number of cases during a particular disease outbreak and which can then be successfully prescribed in a high percentage of cases that exhibit similar symptoms. This is a list of successfully cured cases by homeopaths based in Cairo, Egypt for the winter 2008-09 flu and noravirus epidemics.

I have been receiving emails from our practitioners in Cairo, Egypt on the genus epidemicus, or at least the most successful prescriptions, so far this winter, 2008. These include both the flu and the increasingly prevalent norovirus with vomiting and diarrhea. Might I remind practitioners that “a single flower does not spring (season) make”. You need to have treated at least four or five cases before we can see the pattern of the genus epidemicus but I have added all the suggestions here because sometimes several cases from different practitioners will give us a clue.

Maha Abou Taleb - Gelsemium
Hala Fanous - Ferrum Phosphoricum 30c
Hana Shams - Nux vomica
Ashraf Amin - Aconite 30C + Belladonna 30C + Gelsemium 30C as a combo, and Belladonna for early flu
Dalia Girgis - Belladonna 200C + Hepar Sulph 200C plus naturopathic support - Echinacea, Cranberry syrup (Vit. C) and chicken soup (our mother’s favorite!)
Evelyna Scerbo - Eupatorium Perfolatum
Jasmine Maklad - Eupatorium Perfolatum and Gelsemium
Gihan Rashed - Baptisia
Mona Mansour - Gelsemium and Eupatorium Perfolatum

Eva Abdin - Nux vom (partial success), and Arsenicum.
Dina Sid Ahmed - Arsenicum and Veratrum Album