Lost & Found





There is useful knowledge and there is useless knowledge. This is a site for useful knowledge. Useful knowledge is knowledge that helps, and useless knowledge is knowledge that doesn’t help. Most knowledge is useless because it doesn’t help us to reach the place that we have to go to. The place lies at the end, and we all have to go there. Useful knowledge spares us all the detours and hardships and helps us to reach the place easily and swiftly. Whether knowledge is useful or useless, you will only know when you get there. But two characteristics of useful knowledge can be mentioned: Useful knowledge is simple. It doesn’t require complicated thinking or cleverly laid-out sites. It can take off from anywhere and it can land anywhere. It can reach anyone who is in need. But useful knowledge to be useful must be connected. It must be fused. If the little piece of wire inside a fuse is broken, nothing will happen. Nothing will flow, nothing will be transmitted. No connection. Here you may find  useful knowledge that is simple and connected. If you don’t want to take us by our words, just take our words and find out. Enter and browse. Should you find anything good in this site, you’ll know where it’s from. And should you find anything bad, you’ll know. This site is not for staking claims. It is for remembrance. And it encourages to seek guidance.