Online Foundation Homeopathy Course

H2RC2 offers an online Foundation Homeopathy webinar consisting of 6 x 4 hour modules.

This online introduction to homeopathy is for almost complete beginners. It should be of special interest to parents and patients currently under homeopathic treatment. It would also be of interest to MD’s interested in expanding their therapeutic possibilities.

The aim of the seminar is to introduce you to the basic principles of complementary medicine and homeopathy and how to use it yourself in mainly first aid and family prescribing. This will involve an explanation of the fundamental principles that underlie health and how to maintain it.

The Foundation Homeopathy course is also a pre-requisite for the longer one and three professional year course.

For more details on the Online Foundation Homeopathic course please email Abdul Hayy Holdijk:

Heiner Frei Polarity Analysis Webinar

This webinar is for students who have at least one year and a half of homeopathic training, or for advanced practitioners. The polarity analysis technique, based on Boenninghausen, by Heiner Frei has an 85% success rate (check out his website at )
This webinar will allow you to use the technique with ease and proficiency. You will also have the unique privilege of being able to use the electronic forms that are sent to patients as developed by Abdul Hayy. For more information email me: