Cairo-Lakeland Professional Course
(now the H2RC2 Professional Homeopathy Course)

The Cairo-Lakeland course was first established in December 2002. An agreement between Abdul Hayy Holdijk and the founders of the Lakeland College for Homeopathy, Anne Waters (who passed on recently) and Ian Watson, allowed participants in Egypt to subscribe to the 3 year professional course which culminates in either a International Licentiateship of the Lakeland College (I.L.L.C. Hom) or International Membership of the Lakeland College (I.M.L.C. Hom), the latter being a full practitioner qualification. For a list of graduates, click here.

Abdul Hayy Holdijk is the main instructor for these professional courses. A number of outside lecturers have also given two day seminars as part of the course including Ian Watson, Robin Murphy, Jan Scholten, Robert Bridge, Beth Tyers, John Morgan, Rajan Sankaran, Dinesh Chauhan, and many others.

Currently the course is being taught in cooperation with renowned homeopath Robin Murphy and the Lotus Institute in the USA.

"It has been my great pleasure to contribute to the homeopathic training course in Cairo over the years, which has evolved under the guidance of Abdul Hayy Holdijk into a first-class programme. The course is broad-ranging, comprehensive and encourages the inner development of the students alongside the academic learning. The students are given a thorough grounding in homeopathic theory and practice, together with a broad awareness of energy medicine and holistic healing. The theoretical learning is backed up by clinical training and support enabling the students to progress to a professional standard. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone."

Ian Watson

For a full description of the course including syllabi and conditions for subscribing to the course, please download the pdf file.

Recent testimonials by students who took, or are taking the professional course.
The next professional course is expected to start in
April 2015. If you are interested in joining the course, please contact Abdul Hayy Holdijk at

The training provided by this course for professional homeopaths, be they MDs or lay practitioners, follows the general
guidelines as established by the European Councial for Classical Homeopathy.