Resources related to Homeopathy

As with all web-related resources, the problem is winnowing the wheat from the chaff. The resources below do not pretend to be comprehensive but they do intend to guide you to reliable information.

Acute Treatments with Homeopathy
A resource and how to list for those beginning in homeopathy. Links cover mainly acute and first-aid prescribing.

Homeopathic Websites
A list of websites in English, German and Dutch.

Veterinary Links
Many critics claim that homeopathy is largely a placebo effect. The treatment of animals with homeopathy is becoming increasingly popular and counters that argument pretty effectively. Click here.

Medical References
Medical articles in peer reviewed journals proving efficacy of homeopathic medicine, theoretical issues, and MD homeopathic organizations

Therapeutics for Homeopaths

  • iPhone application Caduceus has a lot of interesting naturopathic and homeopathic therapeutics (about 400 conditions)
  • iPhone application iHomeopath is a simple and easy to use therapeutics program.