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Chi Kung (also Qi Qong)

Chi Kung is a very ancient system of Chinese exercise and has experienced a significant revival over the past 20 years. It has also received a great deal of attention in cancer therapy and had a number of successful clinical trials in China.

The correct practice of Chi Kung requires a teacher who can check the postures. However, once the basics have been acquired the exercises are easy to practice and can be done anywhere without any equipment. Requires daily practice and commitment over a longer period of time.

Readings and DVD’s

• Probably the most reliable resource in English on Chi Kung practice is Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson website, who studied in China and has practiced there. He also has a book and DVD’s on cancer therapy using Chi Kung.

• Online excerpts from Paul Dong's book, Chi Gong: The Ancient Chinese Way to Health – discusses the most famous method for Chi Kung cancer therapy developed by Guo Lin.