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Integration with Orthodox Medicine

The question of the choice of cancer treatment is not a false dichotomy between "either orthodox or complementary and alternative modalities (CAM)”. Many of the these modalities are compatible with orthodox treatment and in many cases can mitigate (sometimes even enhance) the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

At the risk of restating my position, it is up to the patient to decide what kind of treatment they wish to pursue. An informed patient will then be able to participate more actively in the treatment they choose. Many cancers have very low rates of cure with orthodox medical treatment and while others are very successful and the same holds true for complementary and alternative modalities (CAM). (see article on
"Are We Losing the War on Cancer?" and the What Doctors Don't Tell You article as well.)

Patients who opt for orthodox treatments, especially chemotherapy, should pursue a systematic regime of de-toxification during and after the chemo. Homeopathy and supplementation are particularly suited to this (see a
suggested protocol for Naturopathic support). Herbal remedies can also be of use. In the cases of supplementation and herbs, interactions with certain chemotherapies need to be taken into consideration. Homeopathy can be used safely as an adjuvant with any and all orthodox treatments.

Intravenous Vitamin C therapy

This is one of the complementary and alternative modalities (CAM) that has been clinically tested and has been used as a kind of natural "chemotherapy". I have provided a couple of documents that give the medical background of this therapy and a protocol for use (German version as well.)