Treatment of cancer should only be undertaken by a professionally trained homeopath (qualified practitioners are listed at the H2RC2 site).

Homeopathy can be used as an alternative medical modality (as is the case in Dr. Spinedi's homeopathic hospital in Switzerland - see below) or as an adjuvant treatment in the following areas:

Many open-minded oncologists will support these kinds of adjuvant treatments. If your oncologist is not open-minded, find one who is!

Self help
Homeopathy is also a CAM system for patients who want to self-prescribe for simple problems. One of these may be the shock of the diagnosis.

For shock of diagnosis
In many cases you may self-prescribe homeopathic and flower remedies for any emotional or physical shock by using the following: (with the caveat that long term homeopathic treatment should be pursued in the hands of professionals):

Rescue remedyBach flowers
Emergency EssenceAustralian Bush flowers

Arnica homeopathic remedy for shock, and physical trauma and bruising
Ignatiahomeopathic remedy for emotional trauma

For detailed suggestions check the "Mind and Emotions" section in Dr. Lockie's First Aid section on his website.

For more information about
what homeopathy is click here.

An interesting immunomodulant that has had clinical success in Brazil and is now licensed by the FDA in the USA. It is combination of homeopathic remedies.