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As mentioned on the website, there are a number of cancer therapies that have been used with success by individuals. Any therapeutic modality will have a minimal success rate of about 20% in any group of patients because of factors that include the placebo effect, the suitability of that particular patient to that particular therapy, and other unknown factors. This 20% of patients on whom that particular therapeutic modality has worked will be telling you the stories of success of that treatment. However, this does not mean that it will work for the other 80% of patients.

That said, there are one or two rules of thumb concerning cancer therapies that are advertised online. If the site asks you to pay before getting the details on that particular treatment, walk away. (N.B. this is different than the professional services that give you an overview of all the different treatments like the Ralph Moss site.) There is plenty of free information that will probably be better than what you are going to pay for (usually the stuff that you would have found for free anyway…). Many individual therapies fit into an existing paradigm of treatment (the ph level of the blood and body is one that is often repeated in a number of different variations). The other kind of therapy to avoid is one that claims exclusive, instant, and universal success with all kinds of cancers.

There are also a number of folk remedies and there is no denying that there may be a vast repository of plants and natural substances that may be useful in cancer treatment (much oncological research is based on the search for such plants.)

There is a sample list of such treatments below. Again, these are by no means comprehensive but they appeal to me because they are free, simple, boost your immune function, will not harm you and may heal you.

The onion treatment
Recommended by Mawlana Sheikh Nazim: take one raw onion and grate it into a cheesecloth. Squeeze the juice of the onion through the cheesecloth into a glass. Drink one glass half an hour before breakfast and one glass in the evening an hour after dinner. Continue for a period of 40 days. If necessary, you may repeat another 40 days.

Aloe arborescens (not Aloe Vera) treatment

Recommended by Brazilian Franciscan monk Romano Zago: half a kilo of pure bee honey, 3 small (or 2 big) leaves of Aloe arborescens, 3-4 spoons of cognac, whiskey or any distilled alcoholic drink. After cleaning the leaves and cutting the thorns very carefully and gently blending everything in a liquidiser you get a creamy substance. Take one spoon fifteen minutes after meals, three times a day, one in the morning, the second at noon and the third at night. It is important that you take it after you have eaten something. An important detail is to shake the bottle well every time before use
The dosage is prepared to last about ten days. If you have not finished the mixture you can carry on until you empty the container. If you are cured... good. Assess the need for another dosage until you are cured and repeat the treatment.
There is an
Italian company that produces ready made products but if you know the plant you can easily make this yourself in Egypt.
Mr. Spiros Moros, who lived in Egypt, cured himself of cancer using this recipe. He
established a foundation to help disseminate information on this treatment. (Link may be inactive)

Soup therapy
Developed by Dr. Alexander Sun. Well documented research on his formula.

Alternative products which will also work and are cheaper include an
Immune Soup from Avena Botanicals or the following recipe which can be made at home (main ingredients are the mushrooms):

250 gr. shiitake mushrooms
250 gr. maitake mushrooms
250 gr. oyster mushrooms
115 gr. dried mung beans (presoak)
115 gr. dried French lentils (presoak)
I/2 head green cabbage, sliced
1 large onion, diced
5 to 10 cloves of garlic, crushed and peeled
3 large carrots, peeled and sliced
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 quarts of purified or spring water
salt or tamari to taste

You can usually find fresh shiitake, oyster and maitake mushrooms in Asian or specialty markets and increasingly in regular supermarkets as well. If not, dried mushrooms are widely available, but need to be presoaked until they are soft, then sliced. Also presoak the mung beans and lentils. In a big pot, lightly sauté onions, leeks and garlic in olive oil (until onion is transparent). Add the water. Peel the garlic cloves, crush them, and after waiting 10 minutes, cut them into small pieces. Add the garlic and all the remaining ingredients and cook at a slight boil for two hours, stirring occasionally. Season with reduced-sodium tamari (soy sauce). Many people prefer this soup pureed in a blender. Refrigerate surplus after eating. Consume one cup of this soup per day, five times per
week. You may add any other fresh, organic vegetables, and tofu if you tolerate soy, to this basic recipe. (source:
Ralph Moss reports)

Agaricus Phalloides D4

This particular prescription comes from Dr. Fricker in Germany who has had extensive experience in treating cancer. He has noticed that this particular homeopathic remedy in the D4 (or 4X) has been exceptionally successful in treating all kinds of cancers. This is the extract of a poisonous mushroom and should not be taken in a lower dilution and his experience is also that it cannot be taken in a higher dilution, it has to be exactly D4.
The dosage is as follows:
Five drops twice a day initially
Gradually increase the dosage up to 15 drops.
The highest possible dosage is 15 drops five times a day.

The remedy should not be taken for more than 3 - 4 weeks.

There are numerous other therapies that you can investigate and I refer you to the
Ralph Moss list of therapies.